Sunday, December 18, 2016

Digital Transformation

There is a saying in information technology that says "If you have a computer, don't use it" and this sound weird. Both my computers running Windows and Linux were hacked recently after I made a huge provocation on twitter. It's a freaking reality If you need to keep a confidential environment. Technically, all computers and mobile phone can be hacked moreover the telecoms company which provide your internet connection can use proxy and log your meta-data worst your social network connectivity can be analysed yet your are an idiot if you think you shouldn't use internet in most of common mortal life. 

Hackers are well organized and America has a total control over information technology so that your computer is open to tiers persons or organizations. In 1997, Microsoft operating system Windows didn't even had a key to break into the system if it was connected to a printer then there is only one solution to ensure confidentiality "No connection". Your infrastructure must be outside the internet and your cloud must be at least hybrid while anonymous internet users like you and me need to be aware of what we let on our file system.

With Big Data comes big responsibilities ! Big Data is the ability to retrieve information from large volume of data and there will be less anonymous usage of the internet once operators implemented Big Data even with authentification uncertainty because it's impossible to know who was behind the computer. Cookies and logs will allow tiers persons or organizations to know much more about you than you had expected. It's already the case for supermarket fidelity cards, not mentioning various phishing website. Avoid to give your personal information over email unless it's absolutely necessary !

Last, social networking can quickly give an overview of your personality as well as multiple information about your interests, political orientation, network of friends ... etc We can be sure that any information available on your social network will be exploited by tiers persons or organizations. It's acting like a Black box that will reveal the nature of failures or success. Keep in mind that studying the sexuality of Chinese elderly is not a problem for the department of psychiatry in the faculty of medicine of Hong Kong University !!!

Imagine the doctor Gill before the creation of Montpelier faculty of medicine in the XII century guiding people while the next Saint in the church nearby was preaching for Christian doctrine. A brand new Christian world awakened with the new power of the Church followed by recent democratic and communist revolutions between the XVIII and XX centuries. Shall we follow a computer or does privacy really matters ? The digital transformation goes far beyond organizations. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, new French one term presidents and Chinese leaders know it very well.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Web development new challenge

Many mobile phone users connect to the internet with their mobile phone. It's a new reality for the web developer and a website can adapt to various screen size and terminal moreover 9 over 10 users of smartphone browse the web with their terminal. It's a significant unique visitors increase of your audience. Soon, new IoT will connect to the web like your TV, fridge, game station ... and many of them are still prototype.

The web is open since the very beginning defined by standard whatever the terminal or operating system moreover the web can adapt to the size of the terminal with a relative values which means that you use percentage when giving the size of an element instead of fixed value. Openness and relativity are the keys of web developments 

The advantage of designing for multiple platforms are numerous. The end user has the same visibility whatever the supporting technology and features are the same on each platforms with only one solution to push in production but it's more expensive with an unknown return of investment.

Above all the survival of your internet business rely on the experience of the end user knowing that an internet solution can be extremely complex and drive the end user to your competitor. It's then absolutely necessary to take into account the experience of the end user during the development or test of your solution.

You then have to choose between : 
  • traditional website for computer
  • Mobile first website
  • Responsive Design Website which adapt to the platform
  • two solutions, one for computers and one for mobiles with .htaccess router.
but the new technical solutions arriving on the market are challenging Web Development concepts.